Khorosan Cares for Children and the Poorest Families in Afghanistan

About Khorasan Charity Organisation

Khorasan is a UK Registered Charity No. 1081438 and a Member of the British and Irish Agencies Afghanistan Group ‐ (BAAG), Khorasan is also registered as a Non-Governmental Organisation in Afghanistan with the Ministry of Economy, The founder of Khorasan is Seema Ghani who returned to Afghanistan in May 2002 from the UK to assist in the reconstruction of her country. Some of the most needy children from the Refugee camps in the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan were cared for by Khorasan. Khorasan relocated to Kabul from Pakistan in the summer of 2002

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108 Food Item - Beneficiaries
51 Poor Girl Education Improved
1008 Families Financially Supported
52 Villages reached