About Khorasan Charity Organisation

Khorasan is a UK Registered Charity No. 1081438 and a Member of the British and Irish Agencies Afghanistan Group ‐ (BAAG). Khorasan is also registered as a Non-Governmental Organisation in Afghanistan with the Ministry of Economy. The founder of Khorasan is Seema Ghani who returned to Afghanistan in May 2002 from the UK to assist in the reconstruction of her country.

Some of the most needy children from the Refugee camps in the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan were cared for by Khorasan. Khorasan relocated to Kabul from Pakistan in the summer of 2002.

More About Khorrasan

Khorasan means land of the sun. We named our charity after a Peshawar refugee camp where we operated our 1st project, a clinic, in 1999.

We are members of the International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (ISPCAN) and the British and Irish Agencies Afghanistan Group (BAAG)


Khorasan Organization Objectives Are

To provide education to vulnerable childern and youth

To supoort vulnerable women

To ensure particiaption of women in leadership and decision making roles

To get children off the streets and provide them with education by giving their families support


About the founder

Seema Ghani founded the charity in 1999 and supported it initially through friends and family. Since then Khorasan has received generous donations from leading organisations and individuals including Afghan Women Leaders Connect, the Kathy Evans Afghan Education Trust, Martha Lane-Fox (leading UK business woman), the Dutch Embassy and many private individuals.

We would like to thank all the many people who have helped us over the years and continue to do so. Khorasan relies on the small regular contributions as much as the large one off donations from big organisations. Seema was formerly the Director General Budget directly working for the Minister of Finance ‐ 2002-2004, and more recently she was Deputy Minister for Labour and Social Affairs, Martyred and Disabled. Currently, Seema is working on anti-corruption issues.